Please fill out the form below to request a trap. Once you submit your request, one of our dedicated volunteers will contact you to discuss the loan requirements and to arrange a pick up time and place. Please allow at least one week for processing of your request.

You MUST have an appointment scheduled with The Big Fix before traps will be loaned. Please go to Alley Cat Allies to learn more about how to use humane traps.  ONLY trap the night before a clinic. Traps will only be loaned out the day prior to a clinic and must be returned after feral cats are released (the day after surgery). Borrowers are not allowed to hold onto the traps for future clinics. Please return traps clean and free of any tape or paper. 

Traps must be lined with newspaper when set and immediately covered with a towel once a cat is trapped. Towels must cover the entire trap as much as possible. Please do not use thin sheets or hand towels that are too small or too light. It is illegal to trap feral cats and release them anywhere OTHER than where they were originally trapped. State law considers this abandonment and carries a $1000 fine per violation.  

Humane Traps