The Big Fix

Sterilization is the single most effective strategy to reducing pet overpopulation and ending euthanasia. Today- pet owners on Oahu have a number of choices.

The Big Fix is a fully equipped surgical unit that provides affordable spay and neuter services in some of our most rural and underserved areas on the island. This high volume, high quality clinic utilizes only licensed veterinarians hosts clinics from Waianae to Waimanalo. 

The Big Fix clinics are open to everyone. Appointment is required. Walk Ups will be accommodated on a case by case basis. 

We do not require pets to be current on vaccinations, but the animal must be healthy. Kittens need to be 2 pounds (usually 8 weeks old); puppies at least 12 weeks. We will still sterilize females if they are in heat. But we defer to the veterinary staff to make the final decision about the surgery.

Please read the Feline or Canine Packet before making your appointment so that you understand the process and pre-surgical requirements including feeding restrictions. If you do not read the instructions, you may be turned away at the clinic. 

Clinics fill up quickly so if you cannot get into a clinic - it may be full (often weight restrictions) - then please email for assistance.

Please read the Frequently Asked Questions for more information about The Big Fix. 

If you have additional questions, please email

If you don't have email,please call 551-7915. Please be patient. We are primarily a volunteer organization which helps to keep costs down.

Note: Doberman Pinschers will only be accepted as surgical candidates with a negative Von Willebrand test result the day of surgery. Clotting factors will not be accepted in lieu of the test. For more information regarding this disorder please see Please contact your veterinarian for costs for this test as we are unable to test for Von Willebrand at this time. Mahalo.

Presurgical bloodwork is highly recommended for any dog over 6 years old and any cat over 8 years old.  The Big Fix has the ability to perform necessary bloodwork but uses an outside laboratory which will require submitting blood samples at least 2 days prior to surgery.  If presurgical bloodwork is declined you will have to sign a waiver stating you understand there is an increased risk associated with anesthesia and/or surgery in geriatric patients. Depending on case by case assessment by veterinarian some animals may be declined for surgery if presurgical bloodwork is not performed.


MAY 2018

Saturday, May 19 – dogs (AM/PM) at PetSmart Mililani [FULL]
Sunday, May 20 – cats (AM) [FULL] and dogs (PM) at Halawa District Park
Monday, May 21 – cats (AM) and dogs (PM) at Waianae District Park [FULL]
Thursday, May 24 – cats (AM) and dogs (PM) [FULL] at PetSmart Honolulu
Friday, May 25 – cats (AM) and dogs (PM) [FULL] at Waimanalo Beach Park
Saturday, May 26 – cats (pets AM/ferals PM) at Patsy Mink Regional Park
Sunday, May 27 -  cats (AM) and dogs (PM) ​[FULL] at Costco Kapolei

JUNE 2018

Wednesday June 6 - cats (AM) and dogs (PM) Costco Kapolei

Thursday, June 7 - cats (AM) and dogs (PM) at  Waialua Community Association in  Haleiwa

Friday, June 8 - cats (AM) and dogs (PM) at Patsy Mink Regional Park

Saturday, June 9 - cats (AM) and dogs (PM) at Halawa District Park

Sunday, June 10 - cats (AM) and dogs (PM) at Mililani PetSmart

Wednesday, June 13 - cats (AM) and dogs (PM) at Waianae District Park

Friday, June 15 - cats (AM) and dogs (PM) at Waimanalo Beach Park

Saturday, June 16 - cats (AM) and dogs (PM) at Honolulu PetSmart

Sunday, June 17 - cats (AM) and dogs (PM) at Patsy Mink Regional Park

Monday, June 18 - cats (AM) and dogs (PM) at Kokololio Beach Park in Hauula

Wednesday, June 20 - cats (AM) and dogs (PM) at Petco Ewa Beach

Saturday, June 23 - cats (AM) and dogs (PM) at Halawa District Park

Sunday, June 24 - cats (AM) and dogs (PM) at Patsy Mink Regional Park

Monday, June 25 - cats (AM) and dogs (PM) at Haleiwa

Drop Off Times
For dog clinics, drop off times are either in the morning between 8 and 9 am or in the afternoon between 1 and 2 pm. Owners will be called for same-day pick up. 

For cat clinics, pet cats are dropped off from 8 to 9 am. Feral cats are dropped off at 1 pm. Owners will be called for same-day pick up.

For joint cat and dog clinics, cats will check-in at 8 am. Dogs will check-in at 1 pm. But depending on the number of animals scheduled, those times may change. You will be notified by email. 

You will be required to select either a morning or afternoon appointment depending on your choice of clinic.

Sterilization Fees and Payment
Female Dogs - $150

Male Dogs - $125

Female Cats - $50

Male Cats - $40

Feral or Community Cats - $25*

*The City now offers a $10 feral cat certificate which can be purchased at any satellite city hall. Up to 10 certificates can be purchased at one time. This is only a pilot program until June 30, 2018, but we hope to make it permanent. Certificates are good for 90 days.

We accept cash, check or credit card payable at the clinic site. 

Neuter Now Certificates

The Big Fix accepts the City's Neuter Now certificates but you do NOT need one to take advantage of our low cost options. Our fees are the same as Neuter Now and we have NO additional out of pocket costs.

However if you have Medicaid, low income housing, or EBT, it costs only $20 with the Neuter Now certificate. You will need to purchase the certificate at a satellite city hall and bring it to your appointment. Again - there are NO additional out of pocket costs. The cost of the certificate is all you pay when you come to the Big Fix. 

Special rates and payment options are also available to owners with multiple pets who demonstrate need and people rescuing and caring for multiple stray, homeless and abandoned animals. Please email for consideration.

Microchip, e-collars (cone for the head) and pain medication are included in the fee. There are no other costs. Microchip identification is mandatory.