The Big Fix Wellness Program


PDP's mobile wellness vehicle is being serviced and will not be offering services in January. We hope to be available in February. Please visit the page for more information. 

Wellness Clinics

The cost of caring for a pet can be a financial burden for many families struggling with the high cost of living in Hawaii and according to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA), pet care exceeds $1,000 per year. Every responsible pet owner knows that along with love and companionship comes financial responsibility but those costs are many times overwhelming to local families. The greatest of those costs is veterinary care including preventive care such as vaccinations which has the greatest ability to keep pets healthy and costs low.

Through the Big Fix II, PDPs new mobile wellness vehicle, pet owners will have affordable access to health and wellness services. Each pet is provided with a physical exam by a licensed veterinarian prior to having services provided. The owner is not provided with a veterinarian consult during the appointment unless time permits. While wellness and prevention services are offered, the Big Fix will also treat non-emergency health issues such as upper respiratory infection, skin conditions, ear infections, wounds, and other treatable conditions. If the vet has a concern about a possible health condition, then owners will be referred to Hi Pets Vet Clinic in Mililani for follow up.

Effective July 1, 2021, The Big Fix will implement a $10 appointment fee to help cover our administrative costs. Pet owners who have been seen at the Big Fix within the past 12 months and simply want to purchase preventions supplies can do so without an appointment. There is no appointment fee for microchip ID service. 


FVRCP or FELV Vaccine$32
Revolution Single Dose (Applied)

DHPP, Lepto or Bordatella Vaccine
Heartworm 4DX Test
Heartgard 2 to 25 lbs (6 pack)
Heartgard 26 to 50 lbs (6 pack)
Heartgard 51 to 100 lbs (6 pack)
Nexgard 4 to 24 lbs (3 pack)
Nexgard 24.1 to 120 lbs (3 pack)

$10 to $20

All other costs for treatment will be provided at check out.

No appointment is necessary. PDP accepts cash, check or credit card. Please keep your pet healthy and happy. And keep your pets for life. They are your ohana.