Improving the Quality of Life of Pets and their People
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Helping Our Poi Dogs and Popoki

Poi Dog:  Mixed dog or mutt (or I'lio in Hawaiian)

:  Hawaiian word for cat.

PDP is a 501c3. Make your tax deductible donations here. Help us reduce pet overpopulation and the euthanasia of cats and dogs on Oahu.








The Big Fix - Important Information

Clinic dates and location will be posted and updated monthly.

April 6 - Dogs at Waianae District Park
April 20 - Dogs at Halawa District Park
April 27 - Cats at Neil Blaisdell Park
May 26 - Dogs at Patsy Mink Regional Park

Drop off and pick up times will be assigned for dogs - morning or afternoon. Cats are dropped off at 8 am. Owners will be called for pick up.

Sterilization fees are:

$105 for male dogs
$125 for female dogs
$45 for pet cats
$25 for feral cats

Special subsidized rates are available for those that cannot afford the fees. Fees include surgery, microchip identification and pain medication. Appointment required.

Please email alicia@poidogsandpopoki.org to make your appointment or call 551-7915. Please include:
  • Name
  • Contact number
  • Dog or Cat (pet or feral)
  • Male or Female
  • Approx. weight for dog as well as breed

We apologize for delays.



PDP Rolls Out the Big Fix

We've always believed that most people want to do what’s pono for their pets as well as other animals that they are trying to help – the stray, abandoned, abused, neglected. But most lack the information, resources and tools to do the right thing. We know that there will never be enough homes for all the animals that we rescue. And for most of us, we believe that euthanasia should only be reserved as a compassionate response to an animal’s pain and suffering and not for population control.

So while animal rescue is a necessity and as a result, many of us have a menagerie of pets that we care for, reducing the number of animals that actually need to find homes and helping people keep and care for the animals that they already had seemed to be a more worthwhile goal. So Poi Dogs & Popokih (PDP) was founded to help pets and their people – with veterinary care, food, kennels and fencing, spay and neuter and microchipping. But it was clear that we were only making a dent in the pet overpopulation problem on the island. We needed a better strategy. With support from the Honolulu City Council and administration, we proposed a mobile spay/neuter clinic that would be able to better target limited resources and increase access to affordable sterilization for people living in rural, at risk and underserved communities.

Today – we have The Big Fix, a fully equipped veterinary surgical unit that will address some of the primary reasons why people don’t spay and neuter their pets: cost, cost, cost….and transportation. The mobile clinic also enables us to target areas where we see many animal welfare challenges including our beaches and parks and other areas with a high concentration of feral cats and even dogs.

Partnering with PDP on implementation of the Big Fix is Dr. Celina Hatt of the Ewa Beach Animal House. We look forward to working with other local veterinarians and veterinary technicians to service people and their pets on Oahu. Mahalo to the many PDP volunteers, supporters and donors who continue to support our mission.

Sponsor a Spay/Neuter Clinic

While some funding allows to subsidize services for those that cannot afford it, PDP welcomes local businesses, property managers, and other groups interested in bringing The Big Fix to their community. Please contact PDP President, Alicia Maluafiti, at alicia@poidogsandpopoki.org to discuss sponsorship options that will fit any budget and support your goal.
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