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The mission of Poi Dogs & Popoki is to end the euthanasia of animals that fill our shelters on Oahu. We focus on four key strategies:

  • Reducing pet overpopulation by providing affordable spay and neuter services
  • Helping pets find their way home by mandating a microchip identification for all animals helped through PDP
  • Reducing pet surrenders by providing access to affordable health and wellness services
  • Rescuing abandoned and stray animals, placing them into foster care, and adopting them into loving homes



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City's Neuter Now Program

Poi Dogs & Popoki is no longer managing the Neuter Now program. Please contact the Hawaiian Humane Society for more information.

​As of Jan. 1, 2017, PDP has not received any information about participating as a spay/neuter clinic in Neuter Now. The Big Fix serviced 75% of all spay/neuter surgeries provided to EBT cardholders under Neuter Now. We believe this is the most affordable option for low income pet owners and it is important to continue to service these families and others in rural and underserved communities.

PDP's Big Fix mobile clinic will continue to operate providing families the most affordable spay/neuter option on Oahu. Please go to the Big Fix page for more information.

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