• Poi Dogs & Popoki:  808-551-7915
    • Rescue, fostering, adoptions
  • Hawaii Pets Veterinary Clinic:  808-888-0866
    • ​For full service veterinary services including spay and neuter, wellness, x-ray and ultrasound, blood work, vaccinations, etc.
  • HI Pets Vet Clinic Emergency Only:  808-852-0288
    • ​For Sunday after-hours emergency only

Board Member,

Senator Michelle Kidani

with her rescue, Makaha



A fundraiser for PDP


Poi Dogs & Popoki (PDP) is an all volunteer, foster-based rescue organization. We don't have a physical, brick-n-mortar shelter like the Hawaiian Humane Society, Oahu’s animal control contractor and a kill shelter on the island. We rely on families to open their hearts and their homes to foster rescued animals as volunteers with PDP. People that rescue animals are ALL volunteers, so we try to be a resource to people looking for assistance. Our first request to any rescuer is ask them to foster the rescued animal.

 Fosters are the heart and soul of our nonprofit. Home-based foster programs are a much more positive place to care for animals who have been abused or neglected or need socialization or medical care. These animals are already scared and timid, so dropping them off at animal control is very stressful. And sadly – many are euthanized for behavioral reasons offered referred to as lack of socialization. The best way to save a life is to avoid surrender to a kill shelter.

Foster families join PDP as a volunteer foster. PDP covers all veterinary care. But fosters agree to provide food, shelter, bedding, toys, and most importantly – TLC.  Fosters pay for all their supplies, but PDP volunteers receive a discount at PetSmart. They also take the pet to the vet for their spay and neuter appointments or when they are sick, as well as bring the pets to our adoption events. Fosters agree to keep the pet until a forever home is found.

PDP covers all veterinary care which is the most expensive part of animal rescue. Rescued animals receive a wellness check through our veterinary partner, HI Pets Vet Cilnic prior to adoption which includes vaccination, flea/tick treatment, deworming and heartworm prevention. When they are ready, all rescued animals are fixed and finally placed up for adoption. Cats are placed in the playrooms and kennels at PetSmart stores in Honolulu, Mililani and Kapolei so anyone can go in to meet the kitties. For dogs, we host meet-and-greets as well as adoption events.

Our focus in on rescue so we help primarily help stray or dumped cats and dogs including litters of kittens and puppies. Many times those include the nursing mommies which we prefer to keep with unweaned litters. We really need fosters for adult dogs and litters of kittens. But we also need volunteers to help care for the cats and kittens at PetSmart stores. And like most nonprofits, we always need donations. And 100% of that donation will help pay for veterinary care for our rescued animals.

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