This cross-eyed cutie can be nervous at first but warms up quickly and loves to be held and cuddled. He has made several special kitty friends during his time at Pet Smart, which is huge for Thomas as he was a solo foster and knew only his human during his first 8 weeks of life. While he sometimes likes to hide he can almost always be drawn out of his hiding spot with tasty wet food! Thomas would be a dream addition to a home with a work-from-home or stay-at-home human whose lap Thomas can curl up in all day!


Poi Dogs & Popoki (PDP) will start offering Walk Up Wellness at 3 pm at any Big Fix mobile spay/neuter clinic. PDP never charges a fee for the health check. Affordable wellness, prevention and other non-emergency services will be provided including vaccinations, health screenings, microchipping, flea and tick treatment, deworming, and treatment for common health issues including upper respiratory and skin conditions. We realize that many pet owners cannot afford veterinary care for their pet. Keeping your pet and making sure that pet has a healthy life is critical to helping us reduce surrender and euthanasia of animals on Oahu.

While Walk Up Wellness is first come - first served, we encourage pet owners to email or call PDP if you are planning to bring your pet: bigfix@poidogsandpopoki.org or 551-7915.  If pet owners are not checked in by 3 pm, then staff may not be able to see your pet. 



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